How to Begin Creating Digital Products

Here’s a digital product creation tip.

As you know, a digital product is anything that can be downloaded on the web.

It can be written, audio, video, or any combination.

Digital products now account for literally billions of dollars in sales each year.

Let’s look at two methods of marketing digital products.

There is the direct digital sale. The customer orders, submits payment, the product is delivered when payment clears and you get paid.

The indirect marketing approach is a free product. These are most commonly newsletters, special reports, but now video is also being offered more frequently too.

In order to get this zero cost (don’t use that “F” word too often in your emails or it will look like s*p*a*m) digital whatever, the customer generally has to leave at least a first name and legit email address.

You may now make an immediate offer vie a web page or follow up later with an email offer.

Using autoresponders, shopping carts, etc., is not for this tip, but these are some of the tools for digital marketing.

Building your list through the latter method is the most important part of long term email marketing.

Those on my lists are there because of something that began with such an offer. If it didn’t have value or whatever was promised they would simply unsubscribe. However, I’ve have people who’ve been with me for years.

The process of designing a digital product and getting behind the scenes as it’s put together and marketed is coming soon.

In the meantime, here’s another idea that may inspire you. It’s bringing me names and email addresses from around the world.

I thought of this one Saturday morning. By Sunday it was a digital product. I originally offered it for $7.00 and had buyers right away.

Now I give it away free because I wanted to create a viral campaign to build my list. It’s an example of what you can do too. Just put on your thinking cap and create!

When you create a written product, you will want to turn it into a PDF file. Almost all computers have Acrobat Reader.

Microsoft Word has a PDF creator in its print command. You can also search online for, free pdf and find a myriad of listings.

If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader (or if you need to upgrade) you can download the FREE Reader software / upgrade by going to:

Watch for more digital product creation tips. They can literally catapult your online business and promotions to greater profits.