How to Find Ideas for Digital Products That Sell

It’s easy to assume that any subject will sell. And to an extent that’s true – you just have to look at the variety of topics covered by Amazon. But obviously there’s a difference between selling something on a regular basis and selling it once in a blue moon.

I’m guessing that you’d rather be selling the digital products you create on a daily or even hourly basis.

To do that, you need to do some basic research.

If you’re feeling keen and don’t mind a computer showing you a single figure that’s really just the midpoint of a range of numbers then the Google Keyword Planner can be somewhere to start.

I used to use it in its previous incarnation (the Keyword Tool) but I find that it only gives a “finger in the air” approximation of the likely volume of searches. And even then, you need to be very close to the top of the page to get even a fraction of the figures shown most of the time.

Instead, I prefer to work backwards.

The best way to find ideas for digital products that are likely to sell is to find out what people are looking for and are prepared to spend money to find the solution.

At its heart, the search process really is that simple.

Use the suggestions that come up as you type as a good guideline. They’re based on real world searches and are as close to real time as you’re likely to find.

If a majority of the suggestions include the word “free” then it’s probably worth rethinking your chosen market.

Because that indicates that, more often than not, people are looking for a cheap solution to their problem.

On the other hand, if there’s an urgency in what they’re searching for then you’re more likely to make a sale.

For instance, you could find a possible natural, fast acting cure for your toothache if you were prepared to hunt it down for long enough. But all the time you were searching, your tooth is reminding you that it’s aching. So you’d probably be happy to pay for a solution to the problem.

In internet marketing terms, that kind of search is called a buying keyword phrase.

If you want to quickly come up with ideas for digital products such as PDFs and short video series then it’s well worth creating them for buyer phrases.

One of the best places to do this is to perform your search in the Yahoo! Answers site.

Real people are asking for real solutions to pressing – and not so pressing – problems.

Spend half an hour searching that site and you should have more than enough ideas for products that would sell nicely as short reports or longer digital products.

Another excellent source of ideas for digital products with a likelihood of selling is to look around forums in your niche.

If a problem crops up so regularly that you can almost hear the regular forum contributors sighing, there’s a need for information on it.

And some people within that target audience will be prepared to pay you for that information.

The other thing to do is a test run.

It doesn’t take long to create a short PDF or video answering a problem and then a quick promotion with a signature link in a forum or a few posts on your blog will soon show you whether people are prepared to part with money to solve that problem.

You could always start with a short report on a squeeze page and build up the bigger product. You’ll soon have an idea whether or not it’s worth pursuing that route or not.