How to Take a Digital Product and Turn it Into a Physical Product

Selling products online, as you’ve found, is a very easy and quick way to make money. You can literally make thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars doing this. However, every product reaches a point where it becomes unprofitable-at least in it’s present form. When that occurs, it’s time to put a new spin on the product. For most products, this doesn’t mean a complete overhaul, but rather opening the product up to a new market. This is done by turning the digital product into one that is physical.

Why to Turn a Digital Product into a Physical Product

So why exactly is it a good idea to take a digital product and turn it into a physical product? Well, that’s an excellent question that many skeptical internet marketers ask. Basically, the whole reasoning behind turning a product into a physical product is to expand the horizons. You have to realize that some customers don’t like buying a digital version of a product, but would definitely buy a physical one, provided its of good quality. This is the best reason for going through with a conversion from digital to physical, and it’s a very good reason, too.

The eBook: Possibilities Beyond Digital

The eBook is a product that is most commonly turned into a physical product. After all, the eBook is nothing more than a digital book, so it makes sense to turn it into a real book, a physical product. This type of product is by far the easiest to convert.

Changing an eBook into a physical product is as easy as printing out the pages and putting it all together. Of course, if you want the eBook to appear professional and like a regular book, you’ll have to have some of the same tools publishers have. Thus, you may need to hire a business to do the work for you. It’s an investment, but it pays off because a lot of people will want to buy the eBook if it’s an actual physical book.

Another possibility for converting the eBook into a physical product is to perhaps create a video version of the eBook. You can record the video yourself by using a cheap digital camcorder and then you can burn it to a DVD. Then you can use a cheap DVD labeler to label the disc and then sell that. Some people are visual learners, so they’ll be very interested in a DVD version.

Going with this same train of thought, you can also create an audio book. Once again, all that is necessary is some cheap recording equipment and a little bit of time, as well as a CD burner and CD labeler. The audio book is a very hot seller because of the fact that many people don’t have time to sit down and read, but do have time during their morning commutes to listen to a CD version of a book.

Software: DVDs and CDs

Another commonly sold digital product is that of software. Since the internet makes it easy to download software, many internet marketers think of this as being a good way to distribute their products to customers. However, some people are paranoid about losing a program due to viruses or spyware, and so they’d prefer to have a back-up. This back-up comes in the form of DVDs and CDs.

Turning software into a physical product is even easier than doing it with an eBook. All you’ll need is a CD or DVD burner and a labeler, as well as some cases. You might also consider coming up with a box design and packaging the product. For this, you may want to hire another business to do it for you. Whatever you end up doing, if you want this physical product to sell, you need to make sure it is as professional as possible. If it is, people will want to buy it.