My Digital Products Were Being Ripped Off!

Rarely, do I look through my website statistics.  But, one day, I just happened to stop and check them out on my web host. It was then that I noticed something strange.  There were keywords listed in the stats that should not have been there. So I plugged the keywords into Google (TM).  That was when it hit me like a Mac truck … someone had been ripping off my digital products.

The funny thing is … most of the clients I advise, who ask me about building websites, almost always begin by asking me about people stealing their digital products.  As if stealing digitally is that much easier than stealing real products?  Or maybe they just figure all digital products are easily stolen.

I always advise them NOT to worry about it.  In fact, I have always heard … and I totally agree with this belief: It’s better to have a product that people WANT to steal. In other words … you want to have people who want your products badly enough that they want to try and steal them.  That means that you have a kick butt product.  You have a product that is worth something to your market. And that … my friend … says A LOT about your product.

Plus, the fact is, most digital products are NOT easily steal-able.   Most online business owners I have met agree that digital theft is not really an issue to be that concerned about.  It is a problem to understand, but it should NOT keep you from developing, or offering, your materials.

So … even though I quickly changed the download page that was being pinched with the help of Google, I am still proud to say … that my digital products were being ripped off. I will hold my head high … at least for now.  Until I find out that no-one wants my stuff anymore.  And then I will rewrite it, so that someone … somewhere is trying to steal my digital products again.

And one other point I would like to mention …

If you have digital products that people love SO MUCH, that they are willing to steal them, you WILL be able to develop more profit streams from those items on the ‘back end’. So, whether it’s an initial purchase, or it’s back-end product sales … like video DVD’s, audio CD’s, hard-copy books, other paraphernalia, autobiographies, etc … you have got to see the bigger picture, and not just the immediate problem of digital theft.

I understand that you cannot simply ignore online theft all the time … but if your product is good enough, and you have back end offers inside your product as well, then you are going to end up with more sales anyhow.  Even if it is from viewers who steal from you in the first place.