Where to Find Digital Products to Sell

Digital products are nice things to sell. There’s no shipping and handling. There may be the occasional refund but there are no customer returns to handle. And they offer very nice profit margins – partly because the cost of delivering them to the customer is near enough zero, so the only real cost to the producer is the payment to their credit card processor and a contribution to the website overhead.

You can find digital products that you can resell in lots of different places:


Kindle books, MP3 downloads and even movies on demand are all digital products.

Amazon don’t pay much commission per sale and if you live in a State that they’ve decided not to allow affiliates in then you’re out of luck.

But so long as you qualify to be one of their partners then they are a good source of digital products.

The low commission is at least partially outweighed by the high brand awareness and trust. Plus Amazon are really good at upselling customers.

You can get a good idea of the quality of the products you recommend by checking Amazon’s reviews – it’s best to ignore reviews by people who aren’t verified purchasers, just in case they’ve been written by a jealous competitor.


This company have been selling digital products since 1998. Almost as long as the internet has been in existence.

At the time of writing, they had 10,652 digital products that you can sell as an affiliate at commissions of up to 75%.

Like Amazon, they handle the credit card side of things and they also distribute your commission.

Also like Amazon’s Kindle platform the quality of the products varies so it pays to get hold of a review copy before you trust the product to your list.

Once you’re established the better vendors will send you review copies but initially you may have to purchase a few products yourself. Which is actually quite a good idea as it means you can write from experience rather than simply regurgitating the sales page.

Affiliate products

These can be found on major networks such as Commission Junction and Tradedoubler. Or you can do a simple search for your chosen niche and the word affiliate.

Margins and payout policies vary – you’ll need to read the small print – and it’s best to choose programs that have been in existence for a number of years to maximise the chance of getting paid for your efforts.

Some programs pay out instantly but it’s more normal for there to be a delay before you get your commission.

This isn’t a slight on your character.

It’s because almost every digital product vendor offers a refund period and they need to protect themselves in case your customer asks for a refund or in case you inadvertently attract a scammer into your sales funnel.

Fortunately that doesn’t happen very often and the vast majority of sales are legitimate and you get paid a healthy commission as the person who introduced the purchaser.